A Cop Disguises Himself As A Poor Homeless Disabled Man. What He Discovers? Amazing!


Lately, we have been seeing the bad side of the police that we have forgotten that there are some cops out there doing their job with passion. In this clip, Sergeant Mark Horsley from the Vancouver Police Department goes on an undercover mission in East Downside in a quest to find out how people from this side treat those with disabilities. Mark disguises himself as a handicapped old man on a wheelchair and positions himself in different locations just to see if anyone will take advantage of his shortcomings.
To his surprise, no one, at any time attempts to steal his money, con him, or take advantage of him in any way. In fact the locals are so friendly to him that some help him put his money safely, some engage him on a one-on-one personal conversation about their lives, while some even offer him money. Clearly, humanity is not dead as this community demonstrates and it is a message to all criminal out there, that no one will tolerate their indecent acts.

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