A dangerous game with the hyenas


Have you ever imagined a hyena being and a hyena in the same den? Now, this video will raise your hairs if not pluck them out from your body. Hyenas are known to be brutal scavengers, but Kelvin Richards tries to do the undoable. He is integrating with the hyenas so that he can be able to study their behavior. The hyenas have a complex and fluid social structure where one is required to find a place in the parking order. These hyenas have become friends with Kelvin, but the big question is, does he have a place in the hunting park? He plays along with the hyenas but if you try that, by now you will have been a carcass to them a long time ago. He puts his head over them, carelessness its fur, touches its big teeth and much more. In the real life, hyenas can’t even allow you near them but he has an extreme relationship with the animals. He has earned the trust of the hyenas and, therefore, they have included him in their park.

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