A Dog Who Was Lost For Five Years is Rescued and Returned Home


Chuckie, the chocolate lab in this video, was separated from his loving family for five tragic years. He was part of a massive Humane Society rescue effort in Ohio, where 166 cats and dogs were saved from a period of extreme neglect. Chuckie was forced to live off of a rotting deer carcass, and was chained next to it all day.

Fortunately, Chuckie had been implanted with a microchip. The workers scanned it and were able to uncover his identity and his home address. In this video, people will have the opportunity to see this lost dog rescued& reunited with his loving family in Indiana. Even in this brief video clip, people will really feel the emotion of the situation and the toll that the separation has had on both Chuckie and the rest of his family. This video manages to demonstrate the power of loving familial bonds as well as the power of modern technology.

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