A Dying Pit bull Was Found In A Trash. What Happened After? Inpredictable!


Feeding stray dogs in Houston is considered as illegal. Ill fated to death if she wasn’t rescued, watch this heart-wrenching video of these caring heroes rescuing this dying dog in Sunnyside Houston — regarded as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Texas.

As the rescuers drive through the area, they notice that two dogs are watching over and protecting a house. Erika, one of the rescuers follows a dog into the house to investigate what is going on. She finds Moma, a dog lying on a pile of trash in an abandoned house and it’s evident that something is wrong with Moma, as she appears sickly. The heroes save this dog from its dying state and transport it to the vet where Moma will make a full recovery — thanks to the care and concern of these lovely people.

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