A Homeless Sick Dog Is Successfully Brought to Safety


This video documents the journey of animal rescue workers who were trying to save a homeless sick dog. They found the dog under a car, where he had been living for a long time. He was extremely distrustful of them at first, and they had to earn his trust by offering him something to eat. It was a gradual process, but they managed to get him to trust humans again.

While this dog was in better shape than some of the unfortunate animals that people will find on the street, he still suffered from mange and parasitic infestations. Fortunately, the animal rescue workers were able to get him to safety, treat him, and get him cleaned up properly. At the end of the video, they stress the need for donations to their organization. They urge people to give relatively small donations, demonstrating that it only takes a little bit from a lot of people in order to make a difference.

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