A Pilot And A Dog’s Best Friend


To what extend are you willing to help a homeless dog? Well most people wouldn’t do much to help. But Dan Drennan is one pilot who has taken his skills to a whole new level to help out helpless dogs find a new home. This video shows you how he does that.
Drennan from Western New York loves to fly and loves dog. He has volunteered to work with dog rescue organizations to rescue dogs across America. It’s funny that he takes time to have his plane prepared for his special passengers.
Drennan flies at least 500 miles for a rescue and rescues about five hundred dogs per week. He admits he gets attached to some of his passengers during the flight but has to let go since it’s his duty to rescue more dogs. According to Drennan, this is a simple duty since he only needs to be told where to go. You should watch this video to get the real picture.

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