A Pit Bull That Was Rescued And Rehabilitated Against All Odds


This is the story of a rescued pit bull that does have a happy ending, which can seem surprising when people hear about the beginning of the story. The dog portrayed in this video was a somewhat older dog. Given some of the wounds that he has, it seems that he had a history of dog-fighting. He was an aggressive dog at the beginning of his rehabilitation, and he was going to be put to sleep, like many other dogs with similar backstories. Fortunately, an animal care worker thought differently, and the dog was rehabilitated instead.

This video’s story is largely told through still pictures and voice-overs, but that doesn’t make the video any less effective at delivering the story and some of the underlying themes. People who watch this video may question some of their beliefs about euthanasia in general, and about the lives of dogs with difficult histories in particular.

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