A War Hero’s Connection to Hero the Dog


On 20/20’s Person of the Week segment for December 9th, 2013, a true American hero is honored. Justin Rollins never made it home from the war, leaving only pictures behind of his time there. It was one such picture, showing a happily smiling Justin cuddling an adorable puppy, which inspired his family. Feeling an instant connection, the family reached out to the Army, trying to adopt that tiny little bundle of joy that gave their son some of the last happy moments of his life. Through extraordinary efforts, that once tiny puppy is now a happy young dog living with the Rollins family. But even more extraordinary is what happened as the cameras rolled during filming of the story. Strolling along the deck on an overcast day, Hero pauses for a few moments; then a single ray of sunlight breaks through the clouds and reaches out to Hero. While skeptics abound, this celestial event has moved many of the faithful with the belief it is a sign of the connection of those left behind and those in Heaven. For Justin’s family, it is simply a moment of comfort amidst their loss.

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