A Woman Was Sitting In An Alley. What The Dog Did? Wow!


This video demonstrates the unbelievable improvement of an animal’s behavior as it gains trust. In the beginning of the video, the lost and abandoned pit bull, Dolly, is wandering through the streets. When approached, Dolly acts defensively and timidly. The dog tries to run and avoid contact with the rescuer. The frightened pit bull’s demeanor suggest a history of abuse and abandonment. As Dolly realizes that the animal rescuer is not trying to inflict any harm, her behavior changes. She wags her tail and starts to warm up the rescuer. Dolly happily receives love and attention. The sharp contrast between Dolly’s behavior at the beginning and end of the video is incredible. The rescuer showed patience and tenderheartedness towards Dolly, which caused her to let down her defensive walls. Once Dolly realized she was being rescued, her reaction was heartwarming. The story goes to show you that anything can be done with patient dedication.

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