Aaaaww, how beautiful can parenting be?!


The moment a baby learns how to speak or even pronounce some words is usually very cute and beautiful. This is a video of a baby laughing while her dad tries to make her say ‘daddy’. Beautiful, I know right? Seems that she has no problem pronouncing ‘mama’ but when it comes to ‘papa’ she keeps saying ‘b’ instead of ‘p’. The highlight of the video is when she laughs at herself after making a mistake. The sight of a horse makes the child laugh even harder when the dad tries to ‘bray’. It is just interesting to watch these two having fun with each other and it is really hard to try and not laugh while watching this. This is a perfect representation of the beauty of parenting, where the baby and daddy are spending time with each other and actually enjoying each other’s presence.
It is just incredible. Any parent will tell you that those scenes live with them forever.

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