Adorable Baby Rhino Knows His Name!


In a video posted by Care for Wild Africa, a young rhinoceros is shown running down a dusty road in his native South Africa. He goes several hundred yards, when a woman is heard calling, “Warren!” At this moment, the rhino turns around and returns. The young rhino clearly seems to know his name.
Care for Wild Africa is a non profit agency that works in South Africa saving orphaned and injured rhinoceroses. In many cases, the rhino pup has been injured and abandoned by his mother. Without the group’s help, the young animal would face certain death by predators. A sick or injured young animal is vulnerable for both reasons: injury and youth. Some of the rhino pups have been orphaned because their mothers have died from illness, but more commonly, because they’ve been shot dead by poachers. Again, without the assistance of their mothers, rhino cubs and other orphaned cubs, face grave danger in the wild.
Warren not only responds to his name, but returns to play with his human friends and saviors along with their dog friends and helpers.

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