A Story Of An Adopted Son, A Birth Mother, And A Box Of Ornaments That Hold A Special Meaning


It’s hard enough to be separated from a loved one for weeks, months or even years. Most people don’t even think about their four-legged friends capable of missing someone. But after being separated for 3 years, this dog’s reaction to seeing his owner once again is priceless. No doubt dogs, like their human partners, have feelings too that can be hard to contain. Watch as this K-9 smothers his owner with kisses as they are reunited. No words can describe the emotional bond a human has with his four-legged friends. Or how loyal a dog can be to his owner even with years of separation. Just goes to show that this dog has enduring faith and loyalty that seemed to have grown during the months of his owners absence. It is too cute how crazy this dog gets after seeing his owner once again. Tear jerking and amazing to see this kind of bond between two great friends. You can almost hear the dog saying “I love you and missed you.”

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