Adorable Rescue Bunny Becomes Superhero… Sort Of


Bun Bun the Destroyer of Leaves!!
That is the caption created by bunny lover Amanda Engle, inspired by the ninja-esque maneuvers of her recently adopted bunny. She has proudly adopted a rescuedrabbit into her family,and shared this delightfulvideo after discovering the playful side of herbunny’s personality. It seems shewas trying to figure out how to spend time with her bunny and wasn’t quite sure what to do. Aside from basic care and feeding, what does onedo with a bunny?

Aside from Rabbit Olympics (yes, that’s a real thing) bunny rabbit related activities are hard for a pet owner to come by.Rest assured, though, there are countless creative ways to spend time with a pet bunny for the determined bunny owner and there are even a few websites dedicated to just that.It seems Amanda and her companionfound a brilliantAutumn activity to dowith her rescue pet all on their own. Itjust goes to show that animal companionship can come from some unlikely places!

Check this video out to lift your spirits up and lighten the mood any time, day or night!

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