Against the Laws of Nature: Mouse and Kitten Get Cozy Together for an Afternoon Nap


Wait… what? A mouse and kitten cuddling? Yep, that’s right! In this video you can see what goes against all natural instinct as a mouse and kitten snuggle up together in a heartwarming scene.
This short little clip begins with a fluffy little kitty sleeping on a quilt. His eyes are closed, and he’s perfectly comfy. Then, in comes the mouse, and just when you expect the kitten to jump up and take a swipe at him, instead he remains asleep! Next, the mouse just makes his way in near the kitten’s fluffy little belly, and snuggles right in to share the day’s nap. The kitten awakens briefly, but only to allow the mouse to get under his front leg. It almost looks like the kitty’s hugging him, and ends with the mouse cozied nicely near the kitten’s neck.
Seeing a mouse and kitten cozy up to each other like this isn’t something you see often, in fact, I don’t think ever, really. Nevertheless, that’s what this adorable little pair did, and you absolutely have to see it to believe it.

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