An Amazing Act of Kindness From a Stranger


There is hope for good deeds left in this world and sometimes strangers do nice things for each other. This act of kindness may be few and far between but for this woman it made all the different. A stranger buys foreclosed house at auction and gives it back to owner.
A single mother, Tracy was down on her luck. She had lost her job and was struggling to make mortgage payments. She gave them what she could but it was not enough and her home went into foreclose. She decides to attend the auction for her home. She is weeping the entire time knowing she has lost her family home.
Her sadness caught the attention of a total stranger. Marilyn is a kind woman and she got more information about the home. She bid on this house during the action and won. Than Marilyn does what no one expects. She gives Tracy her home back. Tracy is overwhelmed by this kind act from a complete stranger. There is still hope that kindness exists in this world.

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