“An Impossible Dream Come True”


“An Impossible Dream Come True”

When I was a kid, there was thinking cartoon I absolutely loved to watch everyone I came home from school. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it. Its called “All Dogs Go To Heaven”
It was basically a story about these two dogs, lifelong friends. Never leaving each other behind Always sticking together. Though they were stray dogs, they made you want a life with such a friend having your back. Main thing though, stay as far away from dog catchers as possible. The pound is not somewhere you want to be.
So this fella has been on a short leash at the pound as long as he can remember, barely has any social skills. Aloof and barely wanting any form of contact. Thats what the pond does to you. And there is no one to clean you up either.
At some point we do say that the impossible surely is possible. Just watch this video and see what a family can do for you.

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