An Unusual Wedding Dance


At mosttraditional weddings, the dancing usually starts after the couple says “I do” and leave the church, but in this case the bride and groom share a kiss and lift their hands in a flash mob dance started off by the Vicar herself. Then row by row family and friends join inthe groove of the dance music, arranged and choreographed by Bluecrew, a group that does fundraising for the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospital. The Vicar, Reverend Kate Bottley was actually the unlikely person to come up with the idea for a flash mob, and the couple found that was just the unusual thing they wanted to blend with their church ceremonyto start their married life off with style.
The happy duo, Tracy and Gary Richardson,made their wedding one for their guests to remember. Judging from the happy faces on the dancers of all ages, the plan was a big success.

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