Animals can make a difference in a child’s life


If you ever grew up with a pet, you know what a difference it made in your life. As a result of taking care of the animal you learned responsibility, caring, comfort and how to take care of something other than yourself. Every child deserves to have that chance if possible, but sometimes a child needs it a little more than others. And sometimes the animal that belongs to him or her knows it just as well.

This video is a heartwarming story that talks about a dog named Saki and boy named Danny. Danny is developmentally delayed in life and struggles with many things that he does, including speech and motor skills. Saki is getting ready to prepare for emergency training as a rescue dog, with a long life and career ahead of her saving the lives of people caught in natural disasters. These two seem to have a different idea instead as Saki seems to get out of the yard she is in and constantly heads over to play with Danny instead.

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