Austin Vintage Camper of 1962 Remodeled To Be A Motel That Is Upbeat And Comfortable


To list, search for, and rent places, people are seeming to more often resort to the use of online sites. This has been the case now in most recent years.

It seems that people frequently use these kinds of sites, including Airnb, when they are travelling. They would like to be able to locate couples or individuals who would be happy to put them up for a stay.

Several of these places do seem to be wonderful and quite well equipped small lodgings, such as this miniscule cabin that is like a pyramid located all the way in Argentina. The places usually have spectacular views around them and are found in great neighborhoods.

An artist and designer by the name of Chris, who for quite some time now has been a host of Airnb, suggests that tourists take a look at his Austin vintage camper of 1962 in Texas.

He has been able to renovate it to become an amazing small getaway for up to two guests. Situated in an undeniably beautiful wooded area, the camper is not that far from the downtown area of the city of Austin and other inspiring cultural sites.

Be sure to scroll down further to investigate the inside of the comfortable, lovely vintage camper and feel free to tell us your thoughts about it arein the section for comments that is provided for you below.

As the nice host of this cleverly redesigned camper, Chris warmly invites two visitors at a time to the tiny place.


It provides a very minimalist approach at only eighty square feet, yet has the necessary modern amenities that one needs.


Apart from being so cute on the exterior, this camper even offers full access to WiFi, has furniture that is comfortable, and even features cabinets along with storage space.


Chris explained on his Airnb page that he had chosen the spot he did because of the perfect, quiet location and gorgeous wooded surroundings. Also it is not far from good food trucks, caf├ęs, shops and more.

4Further, he suggests that visitors use bicycles to tour the lovely neighborhood and great places in the city of Austin; however, the camper offers the benefit of being close to roads and highways for those who prefer to drive their car.


Guests are encouraged to be free spirited, joyous and full of adventure as they are inspired by many various messages that are framed on the walls.


Lots of hanging pots and pans along with kitchen tools are part of the fully equipped and functioning kitchen.


The stove is propane and the water is supplied by a garden hose which utilizes a collection bucket. The hose is also for the care of the outdoor plants!


The closet is great for them to be able to store their clothes and other items, along with the two buckets that are for toiletries, etc.


The outside shower is an adventure which allows one to shower under the evening stars. Indeed, there is a privacy curtain and even a towel holder for convenience. There is an RV toilet on site, but it will soon be replaced with a composting toilet. It may seem smaller than the average toilet, but it is safe for usage and even accommodated biodegradable toilet tissue.


The space outside is fun for picnics, cookouts and so forth.


All visitors, both those from the past and those currently, have left fantastic reviews regarding their stay with two thumbs all the way up. The next time that we decide to go to Austin, we know where we will indeed be booking our reservations.


If you desire to know more about this fine camper or if you would like to read more information on it, feel free to take the liberty to click here to see it on the Airnb page.

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