Baby Bird Hatches Be Patient and Wait


Watch closely and you can see a baby robin hatching in a nest. There are several blue eggs in the nest and there is one hatching. The others will break open and the baby birds inside those will hatch soon, too. It takes a while for a baby bird to hatch from its egg. You can easily see the egg stretching at times while the baby bird moves around inside before getting out. What will this little bird look like? Will he have feathers? Will he be able to fly right away? You will have to be patient and watch while the baby birds slowly moves around so he can come out of the egg. The other baby birds will have to do the same thing. Soon after hatching, they will want to eat and their mother will come back with food for the new baby birds. They are very loud when they want to eat and chirp to their mother to feed them. The sit with their heads back and their mouths open. Their mother will put the food right in their mouth.

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