Baby Fox Outfoxed by Ridiculous Outdoor Netting


Inquisitive baby animals can find themselves in strange and perplexing situations. Even a box, paper bag or abandoned piece of fence wire can present an adventure that young animals find irresistible. Unfortunately their curious natures can lead them directly into bigger problems!

Foxes are by nature clever and enterprising mammals. Their cunning and agility allows them to escape many traps and obstacles. A fox can often sense trouble long before they run into any danger.However this one little baby fox allowed his curiosity to lead him right into the unyielding embrace of a forgotten outdoor net. Although those rectangular openings may have appeared large enough for a tiny fox to scamper through safely the truth was far less obliging. All it took was one misstep and this little baby was effectively captured.

The frightened kit became entangled in the ropes and was unable to free itself. Thanks to the kindness of caring humans this little fur-baby was rescued and released back into the wild. It appears to many as though the fox sensed that the man was trying to help. After just one half-hearted attempt to nip the rescuer this tiny creature resigned itself to its fate.
Some could argue that shock, resignation or complete fatigue had set in and the exhausted little cub could no longer fight. For most animal lovers it is much easier to believe that the animal understood that the human was sincerely offering help when it was most needed. Hopefully this lesson will help the baby fox steer clear of all things that even bear a faint resemblance to a tricky net in the future.

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