Baby Goat Discovers the Fun of Jumping on a Trampoline


There is nothing cuter than watching a Baby Goat discover a trampoline for the first time! As he kicks and jumps, you can see how joyful the experience is for him. Almost like a human child experiencing the fun for the first time, the Baby Goat seems to take delight in each movement he makes. As the Baby Goat bounds around the trampoline and turns in circles, he seems to be having the time of his life.

When Mama Goat comes along, Baby Goat seems unflinching in his desire to continue having fun. He seems to beckon her to come and join him on the trampoline so she can experience the fun for herself. At one point, Mama Goat seems to be beckoning him to get down, but he refuses to oblige her orders. Just like a human child, the Baby Goat wants to keep playing even though Mama has said it is time to get down. This is one of those videos that will give you a smile and make you want to watch again and again!

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