Boomer the Cat Meets Dogs with a Boom


Most owners of cats and dogs know that it is not easy to have both species under the same roof. Sometimes the solution includes leaving one at the shelter or introducing one when the other is really young. In this video, Boomer the Cat seems to really like dogs, and the dogs seem to feel the same way.
At a dog show, Boomer and his owner visit fifty dogs, with whom Boomer gets close to and plays with. Dogs of all breeds approach this friendly cat. They sniff and touch each other. At one point, Boomer hugs the dog’s leg. Boomer is, however, not of a common breed. He’s a Bengal. This is not a lap cat—he needs a lot of mental stimulation and attention. Maybe Boomer was named thus for a good reason after all. An unconventional, friendly, and fun cat full of surprises. Perhaps this video has changed the mind of many strictly dog lovers.

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