Born At 23 Weeks, Miracle Baby Released to Family After Year In Hospital!


With all the horrible news about terrorism and shootings in the news, you think reading about anything positive or uplifting might be impossible. Luckily, that isn’t the case and miracles do happen.
Trevor Frolek was born in August of 2014, a shocking 23-weeks premature. His feet were so small that his dad Bo’s wedding ring could fit around them and he weighed only 1 pound 6 oz. A micropreemie, he was severely underdeveloped and was immediately put on life support upon birth. This was only the beginning of his hardships. He had to undergo intense surgery on both his eyes and his extremely small and delicate heart just to stay alive. When asked by Fox News, Bo told them “The doctor told us it was going to be a roller coaster ride. We were going to have good days and we’re going to have bad days”. Many doctors shocked at his size were predicting he wouldn’t make it.
But miraculously, with the help of a team of dedicated professionals working around the clock, responding to every emergency and challenge that arose as well as a family praying daily to keep him alive, Trevor’s heart continued to beat after the first challenging three months of his life. Doctors kept him in in the NICU for a longer than normal stay to make sure there were no further complications. Finally, after 345 days in the hospital, on July 24, 2015, Trevor was given his medical release and was able to go home with his family. The whole team of nurses and doctors who toiled away to keep him alive gave him a farewell celebration. “It’s just a complete miracle.” his mother Becky told TODAY. “The doctors and nurses have worked so hard to get him to this point, it’s beyond amazing”
This amazing fighter is now at home with his big sister Brookelyn and his mom and dad. Please share Trevor’s story with your Facebook friends if you believe miracles are real and anything is possible!

Shocking his doctors, Trevor is born in Fargo, ND at 23 weeks in August of 2014.


This micropreemie was born at only 1 lb, 6 oz. His father Bo could fit his wedding ring around his tiny foot.


The experience and medical training of most of the staff at the hospital Trevor was born in made them make dire predictions for his chances of survival. He was able to undergo intense eye and heart surgeries at just a few weeks old.


After almost an entire year in the hospital, Trevor beat the odds and was deemed healthy enough to be released to his family on July 24, 2015.


His mother Becky relayed this message on Facebook to all Trevor’s supporters ” Thank you everyone for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement. Indeed it has been quite a journey. We are happy to have Trevor home. Although we love the NICU team, we enjoy not having to go there on the weekend! Trevor seems to be adjusting alright. We are too, slowly! Brookelyn loves Trevor until one of us holds him, then she suddenly wants to snuggle! Poor little girl! Thank you to our families for helping us and supporting us along the way. We are grateful for everyone. We are blessed to have Trevor at home! God is good! Prayers are answered!”

5Please Share Trevor’s inspiring story to send love and prayers and all other premature babies still suffering in NICU’s and fight to live today!

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