Born Prematurely, Twins Like to Bond by Holding Hands Whenever Possible


Recently, an incredible video has surfaced. It showcases an Australian mother by the name of Anthea, who gave birth to Kristian and Kristiana, her miracle twins. At just 29 weeks and weighing less than 2.2 pounds each, her son and daughter were born prematurely.
In the video, the twins can be seen lying down against their father’s chest. The twins are bonding, as they are holding onto each other’s hands. In a matter of days, this video was able to garner more than two million views.
Anthea recently stated that it was a bit difficult for her and her partner to see their babies with tubes, but it was understandable, as they were born prematurely. The reason why Anthea decided to upload this video and share photos of her twins is to provide hope to parents who are going through a similar situation, as she wanted this type of encouragement when her babies were in the hospital, but unfortunately, no matter how much she search the Internet, she was never able to attain it. According to her, her babies are proof that anything is possible, becausethey are doing just fine.
Anthea mentioned that her twins not only cannot stop holding each other’s hand, but Kristian is already reflecting the role of being a protective brother, as he places his hand over his sisters a lot.
Whenever possible, Kristiana and Kristian, twins who were born prematurely at 29 weeks, tend to hold hands.
As the days go by, Kristian and Kristiana keep growing stronger and thus bigger. In the meantime, videos of these twins are going viral.
These twins just can’t stop holding hands! See for yourself in the video found below. This is definitely something that is not typically seen.
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