Brunswick Teen In Near Death Experience


EMOTIVE: Brunswick Teen In Near Death Experience
Being healthy is good. However, some people take their good health for granted. You need to appreciate the gift of life all the time you are alive and healthy. There are people who have gone through awful experiences with their lives hanging on a grave’s edge. If they have managed to survive, it is by the grace of God. The following story will touch you.
A story is told of a man who felt sick after his training. The man was tested and discovered with a terrible illness that would end his life.
His wife Jen took him to hospital. His organs had systematically shut down. All initial medication failed. The doctors discovered that certain bacteria had eaten away his heart valve. This prevented the flow of blood thus denying the body oxygen which is essential for survival.
Dr Joseph conducted a surgery and a new valve was put in the man’s body. The blood could now go the right way.
That is how he survived death by an inch.

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