Budweiser Clydesdale Stops Man from Beer Purchasing Mistake


When a man goes out to pick up beer, that man chooses the beer that appeals to him and he purchases it without a problem. That is usually the case, anyway. Not so, in this video. This video captures a Budweiser Clydsedale beer run, a trip to the store to pick up beer that is interrupted by an unhappy horse. When the man in the video is about to pick up another brand of beer, rather than Budweiser, he hears a sound behind him. The man turns and he finds a horse watching him. The Clydesdale wants the man to buy the brand that he represents, and the man quickly switches to that brand under the horse’s watchful eye. This ad is slightly humorous, and it is something that all beer buyers will be able to identify with and understand. The Clydesdale in this video convinces the man to buy what he was not going to buy.

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