Celine Dion Was Asked To Salute The Military. Her Answer Was Marvelous!


Those who appreciate the special voice that Celine Dion has to offer will love watching this video and seeing her perform a song that is not her own. This video features a performance from Celine Dion that took place aboard the USS Harry S. Truman. Those who have seen Celine Dion perform in a variety of venues will enjoy this opportunity to see her in a whole new setting. In this video Celine Dion gives a powerful performance of God Bless America, and she does it in a way that stirs the heart. This video was recorded as part of a CBS special that was meant to salute the military, and it is something that all patriotic souls can appreciate. This video is a special one that can be enjoyed both by those who appreciate good music and those that love America and all that the country has to offer to her citizens.

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