Chained Dog Gets Another Chance At Life


The sad brown eyes of Duke, a cream and tan dog, would bring a tear to any caring person’s eye. Chained up in a muddy lot for 5 years, he was left to die and, at the time of his discovery, weighed just 9 kilos (20 pounds). Routinely left without food and water, he could barely lift the weight of the chain due to weakness. But he was given new hope when the volunteers of Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union rescued him. They immediately began treating him for dirofilaria (roundworms). Initially hesitant, he quickly warmed up to his rescuers. Now he lives the good dog life with his adopted family in Denmark; he is a happy, loving dog. Taking walks, rolling and slithering through the grass, he is particularly fond of belly rubs and ear scratches. The sad, desperate dog that have given up all hope is now a symbol of what caring humans can achieve for one lucky dog.

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