How to change the life of a Dog


Other than Jake, many other dogs are born with different disabilities. Even human beings are born with disabilities, so this is a regular thing the happen to all living organisms. It’s not your fault having a blind child or gets yourself with a blind pet. The only thing you have to do is appreciate them. You should protect them and look for a solution to their problem.
Jake, as abandoned by an owner, felt that having the same way a child in the street feels.

Refusing to pay $20 for your dog to help Jake get back his sight is not too much money to save alive. The best part about Jake is his temporary disability. When his sight brought back to him, he could live like any other dog. He can play around and live a normal life.
Dogs have feelings just like human beings. The same way you can feel abandoned is the same feeling a dog will have. Dogs need to be appreciated and protected. His joy is brought back again after getting his sight and having a mum who is there for him. He can now jump around and have fun. Lack of loving a dog is very inhuman because they are innocent little animals that need your love.

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