Church’s Kindness to a Pizza Delivery Man


Church’s Kindness to a Pizza Delivery Man
A pizza delivery man did not anticipate the kindness he received from one church. He came to work on a normal day in order to delivered pizza as he is supposed to. He had come in early to deliver a special order.
When he took his order, he ended up in one church with his delivery of about eight pizzas. The members came to the car to greet him and gave him some instructions. They asked him to take one pizza to the pastor
He obliged to these instructions and while he was on the podium, the members came forward and gave him over $700 tip
How did they know he had a personal struggle?
This young man was struggling and had been trying to stay clean. These people were strangers, and he did not expect anything from them. All he wanted was to deliver the pizza and leave. He wasn’t expecting the church’s heart-warming gift.
They gift gave him hope that he was not alone in his struggles. He felt uplifted and touched by this act of kindness. He also felt the need to share his appreciation with the world.

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