Common Love of Dogs Unites Strangers, Turns Unknown Neighbor into Hero


What would you do if your neighbor you didn’t even know had his house catch on fire? In this video, a common love of dogs unites strangers in a way that could have turned out tragic instead of heroic, and it all happened in a Des Moines, Iowa neighborhood in a place where these two neighbors are now friends. DeMarco Carter woke up at 1:00 a.m. to a kitchen fire in his home, and immediately did what most people would do: he tried to get out. Because he had inhaled so much smoke, he was a little out of it when his neighbor came by to see if he was okay. But, neighbor Andrew wasn’t just concerned about DeMarco, he was also concerned about anyone else that might be in there. While there weren’t any people in there, Andrew knew he had dogs. When he asked DeMarco how many dogs were in there, he acted immediately and heading for the home to go rescue them. Andrew tell the story of how he crawled through the burning, smoking home to locate the dogs in their kennels. The smoke was so thick, though, that he said he couldn’t even see the kennels until he got up close – but he was able to get all three out safely, and DeMarco was eternally grateful.It was a truly brave thing that Andrew did – and although it is never recommended to go back into a burning home to save pets, Andrew still did what most pet owners instinctively do: take care of them. For anyone who owns a dog, you know they’re like you’re children and you’d never leave them behind. What a great story! Watch the video and see for yourself.

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