Cover Version of Eternal Hit Performed by 5-Year-Old Girl


Nowadays, the world is experiencing a boom of child prodigies. Young gifted cuties appear in our life to make it more stunning and efficient.
Do you want to treat yourself with some minutes of surprise? This YouTube video presents 5-year-old Eduarda Henklein performing the song of the rock band Ban Halen Jump. Brilliant manner of performance, impressive synchrony of movements and light improvisation make the stage presentation e

xpressive and very different from usual adult musicians’ covers.
Just have a single look on the face of the child drumming with her little strong hands! Eduarda’s face is full of emotions and painstaking. In other words, in this performance the adult technique is smoothly combined with childish innocence and spontaneity.
Obviously, Eduarda is getting buzz from applause and great attention to her cover version. She is smiling and putting the drumming sticks high into the air. While observing this moment, you realize that the most beautiful thing in this video is the sincerity of the child and her ability to enjoy every moment.

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