Creative Uptown Funk Treadmill Dance


Here’s a young man that can incorporate fun and funk into an otherwise humdrum workout. Instead of walking boringly along his treadmill, he had a much more creative idea. While listening to Bruno Mars’ super hit, “Uptown Funk”, he moves on his treadmill in sync with the music. This is not just dancing to the song, this is on a moving treadmill and that’s where the creativity comes in. He moves in time to the music and even allows for the treadmill itself to become an integral part of the workout, dance and fun. There are a few parts where he stops his dance or workout, and allows the treadmill to just simply move him at brief pauses during the song. It’s clear he loves the song and it inspires most people to move. This man has some insane incredible moves that help the song flow and increase the effectiveness of his workout. Now, that’s someone who’s really creative, likes to have fun and clearly is a music fan. His fun use of the moving treadmill with his dance moves make this a fun workout for him and a fun video for us to watch.

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