Cute Moment Between Siberian Husky and Kitten


Cute Moment Between Siberian Husky and Kitten
This incredibly cute video captures the moment when Siberian husky Lilo and the adorable little kitten Rosie bonded together.

Sadly, Rosie was very lethargic and unresponsive the first night after she was born, so she was allowed to cuddle with Lilo in the hope that it would perk her up – but no one could have predicted just how well the two got on.

Lilo and Rosie snuggled together and played, and as Rosie played with Lilo, she quickly began to find her energy. Rosie would suckle on Lilo, and Lilo was happy to let her do so. They continued playing throughout the four-minute video and it was incredible to see how content Lilo was to just lay there and allow Rosie to have her fun.

Lilo will never have children of her own, so it was wonderful to see her show her maternal nature with Rosie. The poster of the video has commented that, a few months on, Rosie is healthy and is doing well. Cats and dogs don’t always get on, but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise after watching Lilo and Baby Rosie.

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