Cutest bath made for three


If you are looking for a cute bath for a group of three than you are in the right spot. This short video clip shows what happens when find three Frenchie puppies in a bathtub. Either they already had their bath or recently climbed into the tub together looking to get a bath. Perhaps they were a little curious to see what this big contraption really is, not knowing that it will get them clean.

Either way they are looking as cute as ever as the three of them are all looking at their owner. The one on the far right is the most vocal of the bunch either singing a little song or talking to his mama. He seems to go on with his little voice for a while telling everyone what is going on. Perhaps if you speak puppy you will be able to understand what he is saying. The one in the middle is ready for a little nap, having a big yawn to show you just how tired he is. The one on the far left seems indifferent to what is going on. Either way they are all a bundle of cute together or by themselves and this owner is lucky to have them.

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