Dancing With The Stars At Home: A Father And Daughter Show Their Moves


Sometimes, you can just tell what type of TV shows someone grew up watching, and this is one of those times. In the following video, we’ll at first see a little girl sitting around at home watching Dancing With The Stars at a little table; nothing out of the ordinary. Then, as the music on the TV starts picking up a bit, she begins to climb on the table. Still, nothing out of the ordinary. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, her father pops into the frame and begins dancing with her. This isn’t just a father and daughter dancing around for fun, you can tell from the moment he joins her in the frame that they’ve been rehearsing for some time now. The dancing stars on the TV must feel pretty embarrassed right about now, as this father-daughter couple were able to match their routine seamlessly through their Dancing With The Stars at home edition. It makes you wonder if she’ll be on the show in a few years.

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