Dancing With The Stars: Crocodile Rock


Many people remember the crocodile Steve Irwin. Now his daughter Bindi is taking his place and sharing her love for the crocodiles. In this video Binki has agreed to take on a new challenge. Instead of wrestling a crocodile she is going to practice for Dancing With The Stars.
This video shows Bindi and her partner Derek practice their dance number. They were able to go behind the scenes. When Bindi and Derek perform this dance number it is set to the song “Crocodile Rock”. Bindi is dressed up in her dance costume and has moves that no one has ever seen before. The viewer is getting to see a new side of this rough and tough girl.
Bindi and Derek do very well and captivate the crowd. The get a long round of applause. This is something new for Bindi and the viewer is getting to see more of her personality.

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