Despite Being Down On THeir Luck, This Homeless Couple May Finally Get Married After All


In this video we’ll watch as a homeless couple’s one dream comes true. While they don’t have a traditional place to live, they’ve been living in backwoods camp site for the last two years. They’ve lost a job and a child, yet this couple of twenty-two years has stuck together. While the man says he’d love to find even a part time job, and has been in the market for some time now, he can’t seem to catch a lead. Despite this, the two have their priorities picked out – each other. Their one dream was always to get married, though they couldn’t afford the almost one-hundred dollar wedding license. Now; however, a charity, as well as other individuals from within the surrounding community, have stepped forward to help the couple get married. As an added bonus, a marriage will make them more eligible for subsidized housing, something they desperately need. The man claims it will be a new start for the two of them, something that’s been a long time coming.

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