Dog finds his owner after being missing for two years


This video tells the remarkable story of Bosco abeagle cross who was missing for more then two years. He spent 764 days living on the streets as a stray, after running away from his home in January 2014. It is thought that Bosco survived by eating out of restaurant bins. He had been repeatedly spotted in the area for two years but was quite scared of people.

One night a trap was set to catch him and he was later brought to a rescue centre who traced his owners. This video shows bosco being reunited with his owners via skype. Unfortunately boscos owner has moved away and has health problems which prevent him from travelling. It is unknown when the pair will be reunited. Boscos owners immediately recognised his barking but said that his face has got lighter in the two years since he has gone missing.

Hopefully Bosco will be reunited with his owners soon.

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