Dog has one wish to play in the snow


It is often sad when an animal becomes ill and needs to be put down. This is a case in this video as the dog has become ill with lung cancer and is shortly going to die. However, in this video the dog has made one more wish with its owner and that is to visit an area that is covered with the snow. The dog has always had a love for snow and it is for this reason why it is treated to it before it reaches the end of its life. This is a heart warming story and shows footage of the owner and the dog together in the snow filled area.

There are many interesting videos on the web that show funny and strange situations involving animals but none of them are quite like this. The video will make you feel happy as you get to see the joy of the dog as it plays in the snow. It is also an interesting look at the relationship between the dog and its owner, which is loving and joyful. To watch the video click the following link.

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