Dog Instrumental in Saving Life of Porpoise Pup


In a case of pup saves pup, this video portrays an amazing tale, and tail, of a dog and its owner saving the life of a lost and disorientated baby dolphin. The juvenile harbor porpoise, similar to dolphins, was spotted by a curious dog named Leia . She barked, alerting her owner of its presence. Walking along the rocky harbor, located near the mouth of River Dwyfor in in northern Wales, the young mammal was difficult to see from a distance and it’s clear the Leia was instrumental in saving the younger water animal’s life.
Wandering for a summer walk along the Criccieth Beach in Wales, Leia’s owner was alerted by her bark. He approached her only to see the poor dolphin pup on the rocky shore unable to return to the sea. The animal lover gently lifted the young calf and moved it into deeper waters, where she had a better chance of finding her mother and its pod. He is heard verbally encouraging the calf he called, “Buddy” to swim out.

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