Dog is Polar Bear’s Best Friend


It looks like a dog is not only man’s best friend, but a polar bear’s as well! When tour guide David de Meulles took clients out on a tour in Churchill, Manitoba, he came across a scene that blew him away. A polar bear was petting a dog. According to de Meulles, play among bears is not unusual, but he has never seen bears petting other animals.

In De Meulle’s video, you can watch the polar bear stroke the dog’s head with his huge paw, just as a human would do. The dog loves it, eats it up.

The bear was in The Dog Sanctuary, located in the Mile 5 Area, about 15 km out of Churchill. The sanctuary has been there for about 37 years and is run by Brian Ladoon. Brain cares for over 50 Canadian Eskimo Husky dogs. The breed was nearly extinct and wouldn’t be here today if it were not for Brian. The Canadian Eskimo Huskies are sled dogs, and need to be in a cold environment. The dogs at the sanctuary are in their element, well cared for and happy.

Both the bear and dog are alive and well, ready for another day of play at The Dog Sanctuary in Churchill, Manitoba.





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