Dogs like to get around the town


If you happen to look up the news one night on channel four you might come across this article titled: Black lab takes solo bus ride to dog park stop NBC 24 WNWO. And reading about it or even hearing about it will just blow your mind.

Here is a black lab named Eclipse that is often seen riding on the bus by herself. She seems to know exactly where to get on and off the bus, having her route firmly in her head. Other passengers will often see her roaming the aisles and more importantly getting on the seats so she can look out the window while she is on the bus. All the bus drivers seem to know her by name which is even better and makes the trip more friendly. So how did this urbanized dog figure out how to use the public transportation?

Her owner takes the bus a lot and one day he missed the bus due to him stopping to smoke a cigarette. Since Eclipse had made the trip with him so often, she couldn’t wait and got on the bus without him. He took the next bus, and found her at the dog park. Now it has become a regular occurrence for these two companions and you can often spot them together or even separately riding the bus.

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