A Dog’s Transformation to Beauty


This video tells the story of an adorable Yorkshire terrier who was rescued from a puppy mill, where he had spent the first several years of his life being used solely for breeding purposes. At the start of the video, he is covered in dirty, matted fur that has obviously not been cleaned or trimmed in months, or perhaps even years. However, as the video goes on, this old fur is trimmed away, along with all of the heavy mats that were holding him down. After his shave, he gets a much needed bath, where any remaining parts of his previous life are washed down the drain along with the dirt and feces covering him. After his bath, he receives a detail trim of any loose hairs, and he is instantly transformed into a beautiful Yorkshire terrier that could pass as a loved house pet. From an abused puppy lacking love and basic maintenance to a beautiful show dog ready for adoption, the transformation revealed in this video is truly remarkable.

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