A Dogs Unconditional Love for a Boy with Down’s syndrome


Most times people take animals just for granted, especially dogs which are normally reserved for protecting us. We have never taken our time to think about these animals that we usually ignore or take for granted. These animals maybe so caring, even more than other human beings. Like in this video we see a dog showing a lot of unconditional love to a young boy suffering from Down’s syndrome. Some human beings may not show this kind of affection to their fellow humans suffering from such diseases. Human being normally tend to ignore such like people.
Therefore we should learn to appreciate the animals that are part of our families. They do great things that we humans’ a times cannot do. Life is a struggle and we need to accept the way we are born. This is clearly shown when this dog affectionately cuddles and plays with this sick boy. Let’s appreciate people suffering from various ailments, and also appreciate the pets/animals that stay within our families. Remember God does not mistakes in anything that He does or creates. Let’s be thankful to God for whom He made us to be. Kind regards to whoever made the video.

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