Duct Tape Stops Prancing Horse


You will be totally amazed by this video that is epic really all the way. This Shoeing A Nervous Horse Using Duct Tape Complete Video is a really amazing thrill to see and it will be hard to believe at first. A beautiful large white horse is prancing around and bucking as the horse’s owner tries to put on a horse shoe on the foot of the back leg of the horse, but the horse will not cooperate. Then the ownercuts about a six inch piece of duct tape to place it on the horse’s nose: he explains that he has seen this in many videos, with the videos claiming the placement of duct tape on the horse’s nose calms the horse down; so that the horse can tolerate getting new horse shoes on without prancing around, kicking, or bucking. The owner is able to put the horse shoe on the back hoof of his horse as the horse stands calmly through it all. The duct tape on the nose really worked and gave the desired effect.

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