Due to Freezing His Sperm as a Teen, Cancer Beater Is Able to Have a Baby 23 Years Later


Under the direction of his stepmom, Patricia, the thenfifteen-year-old cancer sufferer Alex Powell donated his sperm. The reason why he did this is because Patricia became aware of the lesser-known side effects that could arise on those individuals who undergo chemotherapy. One of those effects is infertility.
With this in mind, Patricia suggested to Alex that it would be a good idea to go to the sperm bank in order for him to make a deposit. To say the least, Alex was embarrassed, but he went ahead and did it anyway and forgot about it soon after. He was able to beat cancer, and that frozen sperm led him to a stunning miracle twenty-three years later, a miracle that would break world records and thus change history.
Courtesy of a great story by Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes, scroll down to learn about the fate of Alex’s twenty-three year old sperm.
In care of his stepmom, Patricia, Alex Powel had an upbringing in Melbourne, Australia. He was pretty much a normal teen boy, but everything changed when he turned fifteen years of age, as he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Doctors advised him to receive chemotherapy right away.
Earlier that morning, Alex’s stepmom met a woman who had a son who was also suffering from cancer and thus had undergone radio therapy, which had stunted his growth; therefore, Patricia began to think about the lesser-known side effects of chemotherapy, including infertility.
Although it was a bit awkward, Patricia advised Alex to freeze his sperm, just in case that in the future he would want to pursue the idea of having children, so in the 1990s, he did just that. Alex went into remission by the time he reached adulthood, never placing too much thought intohis frozen sperm.
By 2013, Alex was a happily married man to a woman named Vi. These two lovebirds wanted to begin a family. This reminded him of the sperm sample he had given in the 1990s. Alex was nervous that after twenty-three years,the samplewould no longer be viable.
After one year of fertility treatments and almost one-half of his frozen sperm sample, the couple welcomed baby Xavier into their family on June 17, 2015.
This baby now holds the record for being created with the oldest sperm ever utilized in effective IVF treatments.
Dr. Soto of the Sidney Children’s Hospital has decided to urge oncologists to go the extra mile in educating their patients about the negative effect that chemotherapy has on fertility, as well as campaigning to get federal government assistance for IVF treatments and fertility storage, as they can be very costly.

That day thatAlex went to the sperm bank, he never imagined the incredible miracle that would arise later on in his life from doing so.

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