elephant instructor reunites with elephant after 15 years, the elephant’s reaction? I’m speechless!


Ever known that elephants are intelligent animals with very sharp memories? OMG you got to check this one out.In the clip below, we see a reunion of Charlie Franks, an 80-year-old elephant instructor, and Nita, the elephant. Charlie started relating with Nita in 195 when she was five years old. They teamed up together and travelled around the world doing circus and performing on TV shows. Coming to 1970s, Charlie had to part ways with Nina because he had to retire. He confessed that it was very hard to leave her friend of many years but to make sure she was in safe hands, he donated it to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.After Fifteen years passed by, Charlie travelled to the park to meet his old friend. A journalist by the name of Huell accompanied Charlie to the park because he was doubted that Nina was going to recall her human friend. It was a surprise to Huell when Charlie called Nina and asked her to come by. More surprise was when Charlie went forward to ask his friend to perform the tricks they used to do back in the days. What an intelligent animal!Animal experts say that elephants do grief when their member dies. What do you think?

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