Ellen Does It Again!


We all know how entertaining Ellen is, but even more than that is how caring and generous she can be, especially with folks that are under-privileged and in need. Well, in this video called “Ellen Makes Dianna Beasley’s Wish Come True”, she does just that and then some. She met this lovely woman ten years ago and interviewed her on the Ellen Show. During the interview, they discussed how Dianna had run a marathon at 65 years old. What an amazing woman and Ellen is obviously very taken with her accomplishments.

Now, fast forward ten long years and Ellen is really looking forward to catching up with Dianna’s latest accomplishments, but more importantly she wants to give her a once-in-a-lifetime surprise. And, as usual Ellen’s surprise is a big one. Ellen just loves to make people happy and the gifts she gives them are second-to-none. This time, Dianna’s jaw drops when she sees it. It’s a brand new fully equipped catering truck for Dianna’s business “Mrs. Beasley’s Catering”. Wow, she practically passes out, she is so surprised and grateful. You did it again, Ellen!

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